Due to the popular success of our student participation program in the dental clinic, it has become necessary to monitor the number of students who work in each dental clinic.   If you are a dental or pre dental student you must send an email to mina@rlcequip.com to confirm your place at the next clinic. Please include your school name, whether you are pre-dental or a dental student, your status at the school (soph. Jr etc.), and any previous dental experience.  No experience is necessary, and we like a variety of backgrounds.  We need to manage this program because of its popularity, over a dozen pre-dent programs exist in southern California. You will not have a seat on the bus, not be able to attend the clinic if you have not reserved a position with Dr. Irwin, the dental clinic supervisor. You will receive a confirmation email if there is an open position. If you don’t receive a confirmation, please do not attend. Every attempt will be made to be fair to all students in rotation of positions. TSF greatly appreciates your commitment to our children.

Important - Passports are now required to return to the United States. Click on the following link for full information http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/cis_pa_tw_2223.html. We offer bus transportation from Chula Vista to Ensenada for $40.00 per person round trip. Click here for information regarding the bus. Thousand Smiles recommends the Hotel Villa Marina. If you sign up for a bus or hotel reservation you will receive an e mail asking you for payment. This will reserve your spot on the bus and/or your room. We cannot be responsible for reservations which are not paid for in advance.

A field surgical team consists of: Surgeons, anesthesiologists, dentists, orthodontists, dental staff, audiologists, speech therapists, nurses and volunteers.

The volunteers, many of whom are Rotarians, are the backbone of the team. They come principally from the United States and Mexico. All clinics are well attended by local medical and dental volunteers

How To Volunteer

Volunteering can be done in various ways, Check the options listed below and choose one that is easiest for you. Our volunteer coordinator will review the information and contact you before each clinic that you are available or needed for. We
thank you for your dedication.

1. Click here to add yourself to our on-line database. If you have access to a web browser and an e-mail account, this is the preferred way to register with us. Otherwise, use one of the forms below (options 2 and 3). For more details, visit our wiki

2. Print out a form to mail or Fax. Download a printable form that you can fill out and mail with a check or a commitment of support. Simply print it, fill it out and mail it to: Thousand Smiles Foundation, PO Box 606, Bonita CA, 91908-0606 or Fax it to 619.267.4553

3. Important! Surgeons, nurses, dentists, and other professional volunteers also need to download the professional volunteer form. You can fill out this form on line, save it and print a copy to sign and submit with the rest of your documents. Full instructions are on page one of the application.